sowwy you dont have webgl :(

or the client side is just loading i'll implement a proper check someday :^)

hello, it's kay 🦊 (she - elle), kay 🤖 (they/it - ielles/lae), we do web development mainly (mostly, no clue what we're doing)

we're a 27 year-old trans 🏳️‍⚧️ non-binary borg system. you can use any neutral pronouns for us (english: they or it, french: ielle/iel ou lae/lea ou ca/cela). currently lives near paris. likes anything that has to do with technology and hacking stuff (code, video, music, games, electronics, etc.). likes to share what we make and learn and teach stuff. very much pro data rights and more broadly against rising worldwide fascistic ideology and oppression.


these are just blog posts but with a silly name because i'm quirky like that